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24: Dr. Gino Yu: How Do We Collectively Support Personal Journeys In Life

March 21, 2022

Live life reverently. – Dr. Gino Yu, Associate Professor and Director of Digital Entertainment and Game Development at the School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, through an investigative process lives and acts from his deepest truth. 

After facing challenges to find ways to fit in as an Asian American, Gino traveled the world for four months, a journey that became a defining and formative period. The experience, including that of different cultures and people, opened Gino up to allowing things to happen. The commonality of all people, and how each deals with themselves, led to his incredible research in consciousness, phenomenology and neurophysiology, and really understanding how people’s experiences shape their worldviews. 

Highlights of today’s episode:

  • Living and acting from your deepest truth
  • Being born in the United States as an Asian American
  • How the filter of all past experiences shapes you to create the new 
  • His journey traveling around the world for four months
  • His research in consciousness and phenomenology and neurophysiology 
  • Understanding how experiences shape people’s world views
  • The guide within yourself in relation to how things play out in space and time
  • Every moment is precious
  • Presence is being able to be aware of what is going on within you and what is going on around you  
  • Infinite resolution
  • Peak performance flow state
  • Examining the physiology and psychology in totality 
  • The core of your being there is an inner experience and standing ground to that 
  • The important question of ‘What takes you out of that innate joy of being?’
  • Skills to stay grounded and skills to self regulate 
  • Entrepreneurship as a spiritual path
  • Personal development in the era of COVID 

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