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22: Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky: The importance of having a structure in place for well-being and productivity

March 7, 2022

It is impossible to change personal or collective behavior without sustainability practices. – Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky, Vice Provost for Institutional Culture and Professor at the University of Miami, who has contributed to bringing the University to be the number one employer in the country's education sector as ranked by Forbes.

After losing his parents in a car accident at age eight in Argentina, and being adopted by an aunt along with two other siblings, Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky, through his personal hurt and pain went on to pursue helping other people who are going through difficult situations. As well, he has brought his learnings and teachings to creating well-being and productivity for organizations and their employees.

Today’s conversation highlights: 

  • The three core values of wellness, fairness and mattering
  • How well-being increases when you feel like you matter
  • The impact of losing his parents at an early age in a car accident
  • How growing up in oppression in Argentina led to becoming a young leader in a youth movement
  • How reading and studying about great thinkers grew inspiration and a sense of awe
  • The concept of ‘Intellection’ and enjoying the world of ideas
  • How writing about humor and nonfiction gets him into a state of flow
  • The incubation, conceptualization and execution of writing
  • Breaking down the I COPPE domains of well-being
  • Diversification of well-being routines and habits
  • The How People Matter book
  • The importance of skill development and action
  • The importance of having structure in place and involving your colleagues and employees to become a happier, healthier, and more productive organization 

Be sure to follow Dr. Prilleltensky on Facebook, and Twitter and connect with him on LinkedIn. Learn more about his findings, research and great resources on Fun for Wellness, The Laughing Guide and his website Professor Isaac and contact Dr. Prilleltensky directly at isaac@miami.edu

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