Happiness 2.02

21: Victor Brick: Building A Fitness Empire and Changing the Perception of Mental Health

March 1, 2021

“I want everyone to know that you are not alone – Victor Brick. 

Victor Brick is the co-founder and CEO of Planet Fitness Growth Partners and the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation. Driven by his competitive spirit and alongside his wife, Victor has been able to expand his health and fitness empire all across the US. But one of his deepest desires is changing the perception of mental health and the treatments for it. Listen to today’s episode to learn how Victor and his wife are contributing immensely to solve the issues related to treating mental health conditions. 

Highlights of today’s episode 

  • His competitive spirit
  • How he started his path in the health and fitness industry   
  • Choosing your attitude!  
  • How influential it been to make his parents proud 
  • Understanding himself from the feng shui perspective 
  • Techniques to hold your breath 
  • His strategies to build his club empire 
  • What inspired his foundation’s work to support mental health 
  • Changing how the world sees and treats mental health 

Visit John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation to make a donation and find out more about their work around mental health 

Listen to Admiral William McRaven’s speech at the University of Texas commencement ceremony mentioned.  

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