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19: Dr. Lou Ignarro: Nobel Prize Recipient on the Health Benefits of Nitric Oxide

February 15, 2021

“Nitric oxide leads to a healthy lifestyle and prevents cardiovascular diseases.” – Dr. Lou Ignarro, Nobel Prize recipient who discovered the wide range of nitric oxide’s benefits for the human body. 

After struggling with language barriers early on in his life due to coming from an immigrant family, Dr. Ignarro was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1998. Since then, his life goal has been to use his key discoveries to help eliminate cardiovascular diseases and make nitric oxide a household phrase

Today’s conversation highlights: 

  • His unrelenting passion for ‘understanding the why’
  • The exact moment he realized he wanted to study chemistry and biology 
  • The language challenges he experienced at an early age 
  • His passion, drive and motivation in answering questions that have not been answered before
  • How breathing opens up his creativity 
  • What nitric oxide (NO) is, and why he considers it the miracle molecule  
  • Foods that increase the production of nitric oxide in the body 
  • Which supplements are key to intake on a regular basis 
  • His experience traveling globally to advocate about the things you need to do to maintain your nitric oxide production
  • What he does as part of the scientific advisory board of Herbalife Nutrition 
  • How NO protects us against hypertension, strokes and heart attacks  
  • How his work influenced the marketing of Viagra 
  • And the new research around how inhaling nitric oxide helps the body combat the novel coronavirus 


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